Underwater Park

After total decontamination and thorough preparation, 4 former Portuguese navy ships were sunk deliberately creating the Ocean Revival Park.
Off the coast of Algarve, Portugal formed an unprecedented artificial reef to be filled with marine life, become a subaquatic museum and, most of all, to be visited by divers from around the world.
In this documentary we’ll show you how the navigability and safety of the divers was a priority during cleaning and preparation for the scuttling. Also find out how subaquatic life is increasing making Ocean Revival a unique Underwater Park.

Original Title: Ocean Revival – Underwater Park
Country: Portugal
Lenght: 34′
Year: 2015

Directed by Miguel Cilindro Figueiredo
Produced by Pedro Canavilhas
Executive Producer Luis Sá Couto
Narration David Gavin
Edited by Miguel Cilindro Figueiredo

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