In 1998, obsessed with changing Portuguese visual culture panorama, B’Lizzard was born.

It borrows the name from a rare event in Portugal – heavy snow fall – combined with a creature that walks over water yet not from the Bible.

We deal with Image, the best we can capture, preferably in motion, mostly with sound in it, blending innovation to our customer’s joy – our ceiling is 4.5 meters high so clients may jump of happiness without harming their heads…

We magnetize our projects to pull our clients into really different and new experiences.

We handle all colours. Gray is in the brain mass, which we have in quality and quantity. The remain colours are so well trained, we’re able to make them jump through fire-arcs and we can stick our heads in their jaws.

If you decide to contact us, beware, because afterwards you will never be the same… Is this good? Hard to say…

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