Pedro Canavilhas

The most unknown Fatima’s secret was an alert about a dangerous appearing of a new mystical creature somewhere in the surroundings of Califa. Several agents from the Vatican were sent to surveil the Fonte Nova zone, ignoring the already born creature, growing for the end of days. Carelessly or not, the yet fragile being felled into a coffee cauldron, turning and twisting his purposes, sleeping the beast yet to be awaken, only with the smell of purple roses, fortunately a sense he lacks… While it doesn’t happen, he founded a company 13 years ago called B’Lizzard…

Dinis Costa

During some tests at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, a fly entered the accelerator and instead of the Higgs Boson, the small insect became a hair tuft below the bottom lip of a creature subsequently exported to Elvas, against most natural destinations for a nuclear dump. Fed exclusively by chicken and chocolate, this being has multiplied in a series of clones which he called siblings. Later a gust of wind brought him towards the door of some inauspicious people who decided to adopt him.

Currently works as a producer at B’lizzard. Poor guys.

Ruben Santos

It was told by the Ancients that one day, in the mythical laurel forest, on the distant archipelago of the Gardens of Bananaland, some genetically modified larva, already in full cocoon metamorphosis, mistaken for a female by an albino bat, catalyzed the genesis for an alternative humanoid. Just feeding on the energy of electric windows of Fiat Punto’s, already spoilt a few cars. Arrived by hitchhiking.

Now, manages projects at B’Lizzard.

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